Amanda was born in Los Angeles and moved to San Francisco to study film and multimedia. She spent 6 years working as a producer/director, creating branded content for brands like Lyft, Sephora, The Real Real and PayPal.

With her digital marketing background she founded Restore, a product using affiliate link technology to help users understand their household spending + get out of debt.


She has developed an unhealthy obsession for aesthetically pleasing, short form content and social media.


She is currently looking to jump back into the creative world as a Content Strategist or Digital Marketing pro to help hone in on brand and community. She's ready to dive into the data and drive engagement and revenue. 

Her methods:

Email captures + strategized drip campaigns

Retargeting ads / Lookalike Audience

The untapped Pinterest well of conversions

Social Community + Engagement Plan

Short form, effective content creation + copy writing